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dubai forex expo april 2919

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As we come to the close of our five year term, I feel satisfied that we have been able to achieve our objective of revival of the economy. GDP growth rate, which averaged at less than 3 percent duringhas increased to an average of 4. Moreover the growth is spread across the various sectors for the economy including Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services. While the economy has grown, inflation has remained under control and has averaged at 5.

In the first 9 months of this year, CPI inflation remains at 3. Fiscal deficit too has been brought down, both through higher revenues and a slower growth in current expenditures.

At the same time development spending has been increased from Rs billion in to Rs billion in Provincial transfers have also markedly increased from Rs billion in to Rs billion inand are expected to be over Rs billion in enabling the provincial governments to increase spending on the devolved subjects of education, dubai forex expo april 2919, health and other their priority areas. The most important achievement of the outgoing fiscal year is of course the highest GDP growth in 13 years, supported by a strong growth in manufacturing, which was the highest in 11 years, a sharp pick-up in agriculture, the highest in 13 years, dubai forex expo april 2919, and a continuing robust performance in services.

But the job is not fully done yet. Pakistan has to achieve high and inclusive economic growth, going forward, through continuity and consistency in macroeconomic policies. Fiscal discipline together with political and regional stability will be the key to a sustained continuation of the recently achieved growth momentum. Besides growth, the government is also taking care of its solemn obligation towards the very poor through a social safety program.

The Pakistan Economic Survey has reviewed the progress of the outgoing fiscal year based on the latest available data up to February-March As is customary, the Survey will be launched just before the presentation of the Budget. This year, the Budget is being presented about five weeks earlier than usual, so as to complete this important and necessary exercise ahead of the expiry of the current term of the National Assembly.

Hence, the Economic Survey is constrained to cover the most recent dubai forex expo april 2919 available. I wish to commend and thank the Economic Adviser and his team in preparing this important document.

It will serve as a source of invaluable information for all stakeholders including parliamentarians, policy makers, academic and international development partners.

Miftah Ismail Adviser to PM on Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs Islamabad, the 26th April Preface The outgoing fiscal year has witnessed remarkable economic growth backed by wideranging structural reformsprudent macroeconomic policies, financial discipline and consistency and continuity in policies.

The document has two parts: a Descriptive part and a Statistical Appendix. The analysis is based mainly on the data available for the first 8 to 9 months of the outgoing fiscal year and may therefore, be subject to change when the year closes. The preparation of the Survey required dubai forex expo april 2919 lot of hard work spread over several weeks of extensive labour.

Samina Khatoon Research Officer Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Research Officer Mr. Sidra Saddiq Research Officer Ms. Misbah-ur-Rahman Research Officer Mr. Rabia Akbar Research Officer Mr. Faheem Anwar Web Master Mr. Asadullah Qureshi Research Officer Mr, dubai forex expo april 2919. Iqbal Khan Composer Muhammad Faisal Shamim Composer Overview of the Economy Pakistan has made great strides in improving its economic outcomes and dubai forex expo april 2919 its macroeconomic vulnerability in the recent years.

GDP continued to grow above 5 percent in each of the last 2 years reaching 5. This achievement is remarkable as it has been accomplished in the face of global head winds. Major international institutions anticipate that global economic growth will increase from previously subdued levels, which is a welcome development for a broadly favourable future outlook in Pakistan as well. The most important achievements of the outgoing fiscal year include the fastest pace in real GDP growth on the back of strong growth in agriculture, impressive growth in manufacturing as well as in services.

All macroeconomic indicators exhibited remarkable progress; such as contained inflation, healthy credit flows to private sector, recovery in exports, slowdown in imports, lowest policy rate, increase in FDI and remittances, strengthening of the banking sector, uninterrupted energy supplies to the industrial sector, higher LSM growth, enhanced incorporation of companies, encouraging response from the capital market, increase in per capita income, impressive revenue collections, higher PSDP spending, progress on CPEC projects, and an added impetus coming from the global economic recovery.

Major impetus came from improved performance of services and agriculture sector. Industrial sector also saw some recovery. As a major development, Pakistan has ranked No. The growth across different sectors of the economy has attracted major international companies towards Pakistan, where they see immense potential, a huge consumer market, strategic location and macroeconomic stable environment achieved during the last five years.

The near term outlook for economic growth is broadly favourable supported by improved power supply, dubai forex expo april 2919, investment relating to the ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor CPECstrong consumption growth and ongoing recovery in agriculture.

Slow global growth in international trade flows was an external factor that contributed to the low Pakistan Economic Survey export growth. The current fiscal year has seen continued exports growth in all 9 months. Exports increased by The government has been able to get GSP Plus preferential tariffs scheme renewed from the European Union for the next two years which will help boost exports, going forward. The policy will enhance the share of SME financing in total private sector credit from 8.

E- Commerce is not only a growing global industry, it is also one of the important pillars on which an increasing share of future business, financial and trading transactions will depend and there is dubai forex expo april 2919 dire need to develop it in Pakistan. Digital platforms have changed the economics of doing business across borders by reducing costs of international transactions enabling Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises MSMEs to connect with customers and suppliers around the world.

Moreover, as the world economy lurches into crisis or slides downward due to an emerging trade war between two big economic giants, the growth of many economies could face serious challenges.

World Economic Environment World output has grown by a healthy 3. This expected acceleration is mainly the result of notable rebound in global trade, continued strong growth in the Emerging Market and Developing Economies from 4. Growth in the US is expected to accelerate significantly from 2. On the other hand, some deceleration is expected to happen in the United Kingdom from 1.

Recovery in the Euro Area is projected to pick up slightly from 2. Growth in emerging and developing economies is expected to increase from 4. Among the emerging market and developing economies, the highest dubai forex expo april 2919 region is Emerging and Developing Asia where growth is expected to stabilize at 6. Growth rates are expected to slightly increase from 2. Economic growth would decelerate significantly in Emerging and Developing Europe from 5.

On the other hand, growth accelerates in Latin America and the Caribbean from 1. Similar developments are expected in the area comprising the Middle East, North Arica, Afghanistan and Pakistan, where growth is expected to increase from 2. Average consumer price inflation in advanced economies accelerated from 0. In Emerging markets and Developing Economies, inflation is expected to remain within the range of 4 to 4.

The current positive mood in business and consumer confidence may well feed itself in the short run, stimulating consumption and investment expenditures. In that case, global growth acceleration may even turnout to be higher than expected. But at the same time, considerable downside risks remain in place. After the decline in commodity prices in USD init rebounded in dubai forex expo april 2919 Also, dubai forex expo april 2919, prices of non-fuel commodities have increased in on average by 6.

A major threat to the future growth outlook may come from the adoption of tariff and nontariff protectionist policies in some countries, followed by mutual escalating retaliations in trading partner countries, eventually culminating in a dubai forex expo april 2919 trade war. Tensions related to renegotiations of long standing trade agreements such as NAFTA and of the economic arrangements between the European Union and the United Kingdom and the imposition of tariffs and regulatory requirements on imports in several countries, may disrupt the global supply chains and provoke relocation of geographical trade flows.

The adjustment costs and increased uncertainty related to these relocations may weigh on the investment sentiment, especially in the manufacturing sectors. Reduced international trade expansion and investment expenditures may weigh on overall growth prospects.

This would also be felt in Pakistan, where export activity is very much correlated to imports in OECD countries and China. Hopefully the current tariff threats may end in negotiated solutions and further adjustments in both bilateral and multilateral trade agreements that take into account the changing trade composition and the new products and services that are currently being produced and traded.

Higher commodity prices coupled with the cyclical upswing since mid are helpful to lift inflation rates in advanced economies in the Also, higher than expected inflationary pressures, especially in the United States, where the labor market is already tight, dubai forex expo april 2919, may require a The higher overall world growth prospects stimulate world trade, especially under the impulse of a pick-up in investment expenditure particularly in advanced economies.

The average growth of world export and import volumes has accelerated from 2. This may prompt abrupt adverse financial market reactions in the bond and equity markets, weighing in on the economic optimism and confidence. Similar risks may arise if geopolitical concerns in East Asia and in the Middle East would intensify, dubai forex expo april 2919. Executive Summary Growth and Investment Pakistan has seen a visible economic turnaround over the last five years, due to successful implementation of a comprehensive program of economic revival aimed at higher economic dubai forex expo april 2919 and macro-economic stability.

The growth momentum remained above 5 percent for the last two years in a row and reached 5. The highest growth in agriculture sector in last 13 years was achieved on the back of initiatives taken to improve the sector such as expansion in credit to agriculture sector along with agriculture Kissan Package, provision of better quality seeds including hybrid and high yield varieties and timely availability of agriculture inputs including fertilizer, pesticides etc.

Industrial sector growth improved by 5. Manufacturing grew by 6. The performance of services sector witnessed a stable growth of 6. Consumption is the largest component of aggregate demand followed by investment and net exports. During FYhouseholds' average propensity to consume remained fairly constant at around The national savings and domestic savings as percentage of GDP remained almost at same level of last year.

National income remained less than expenditures during FY when compared with FY which resulted increase in Saving-Investment gap. The increase in Saving-Investment gap in turn resulted in higher current-account deficit. The private sector GFCF posted a growth 5.

The expenditure on GFCF incurred by federal, provincial and district governments has increased by During FYper capita income increased by 0.

Agriculture Agriculture sector recorded a remarkable growth of 3. The crops sector performed well and witnessed a growth of 3. The growth in sub sectors, important crops, other crops and cotton ginning registered a growth of 3. Major Kharif crops such as sugarcane and rice surpassed their production targets as well last year, it recorded a growth of 7. Wheat and maize crop remained subdued, as it witnessed a decline of 4.

Other crops grew by 3. Livestock recorded a growth of 3, dubai forex expo april 2919. The Fishing sector grew by 1.


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