Forex institutional trading levels

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forex institutional trading levels

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I am a supply and demand trader. I have been trading supply and demand for 6 years. As you can see, forex institutional trading levels, I only joined Forex factory January My reason is simple. Trading is very lonely for me because i don't know many traders who trade supply and demand trading or even understand it. I had a significant life event happen to me in April which brought to sharp perspective, my mortality. So i decided I would give back as much as I can, forex institutional trading levels, while I can, because i, like you, do not know if i will be here tomorrow.

Forgive me but I can not publicly share what the significant life event is because it is too private and too painful, forex institutional trading levels. Suffice to say, it was a life altering event for me and my family. For myself, as stated I have been trading supply and demand for many years and paid substantial amounts of money in learning the methodology and then receiving mentoring in its practice from the excellent teachers I have had over the years.

I have my own distilled and personal approach now, after all the years I have been doing this. InI found an old diary where I had written a few years before, that if I ever "got" this methodology i would teach another person.

It took the significant life event in to wake me up to the promise I had made to forex institutional trading levels. Hence this thread. I have pondered deeply about starting this thread, considering a lot of things, forex institutional trading levels, and even resisting for many weeks, the urges, requests and encouragements to start it.

I realize not forex institutional trading levels will take well to this but then, all that means is this thread is not for them. Also, forex institutional trading levels, I personally do not forex institutional trading levels much for the idea of wanting something for nothing. Life does not work like that. On many parts on FF there are a lot of unhappy traders who have unfortunately been scammed by other people, losing money that way.

They have now made it their goal to paint everyone who comes on here even suggesting people contribute something to their own success as some sort of pariah, and a forex institutional trading levels person. I don't need to be on F. I really do not need it in my life. However, it is a place that I have found will allow me to fulfill my promise to myself.

I hope it proves to people that not everyone who comes on here is some sort of thief or liar or evil person. I do it because I enjoy making other people forex institutional trading levels. Life is short and fragile.

For traders, you must understand that again, forex institutional trading levels, nothing in life is free, nor should it be. You must make a commitment to your own success, even that means putting some funds towards mentoring or education or both. That is as best as I can say it because I know that immediately there will be some who will immediately enter the skeptical, unbelieving, negative mode and think here is yet another salesman.

That type of mindset does not help anyone realize the potential of a place like FF where one can learn and grow with others For those with the negative thoughts, you could not be further from the truth. I have been really surprised in the last few weeks about the negativity that pervades some of the threads on FF. The minute anyone suggests traders accompany their talk of interest with any sort of investment in themselves, that person is heckled, abused, maligned and defamed.

People would hail that same person as God sent and the best thing since sliced bread if that person gave them all their knowledge and expertise for free, whilst at the same time others would be second guessing the person asking why that person is doing it and questioning their intentions.

While I understand some of the reason for the skepticism, it has gone too far and is not only unfortunate but unhelpful to the genuine people on here actually helping make a difference in the lives of others, publicly and privately. The suggestion of asking you to fund your own success is based on the principles set in the Universe, "you will not value anything you do not work for". The men I hand picked are getting the support for free but value it immensely, because they have paid for it in their hunger, openness and honesty with me, forex institutional trading levels, previously a complete stranger to them, who just out of the blue, wrote to them personally and offered them a service.

I did that to fulfill my own promise to myself. As I am a finite resource and only have limited time, I can not unfortunately offer the same to everyone. Mentoring and education does not have to be expensive or difficult. Welcome to the Trading Institutional Order Flow thread. Please read the Rules below. All interactions between traders here must be polite and respectful. We are all adults and must behave as such 3. Please do not use inappropriate or abusive language 4.

If you trade Support and resistance, please understand that it is not the same as the supply and demand method we discuss here. No one method is better than the other, simply different 6. If you trade, using any other method than supply and demand then please consider looking elsewhere as we may not be able to help you in answering your questions if they are not based on supply and demand.

Differing opinions about analysis are welcome and encouraged. The supply-demand rules a trader uses does not have to be the same as mine, as long as the trader follows forex institutional trading levels own rules and makes them clear to others when analyzing markets. The thread is open to S. D traders, regardless of the time frames they trade. Only please ensure you mention you time frames so people can follow along for example, a day trader using daily, and 60 minute time frames or a position trader using monthly, weekly and daily time frames.

No videos to be posted by other thread users A note: I am not a guru. Just a regular retail trader who happens to have developed considerable expertise in the Supply demand methodology. I, like everyone else, have losing trades. Let us begin.


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forex institutional trading levels


Jul 23,  · GBP/USD 4hr reacting at price level What are Institutional Price Levels when referring to Forex trading? These are levels that can be considered vital turning points in Author: Jon Fibonacci. Dec 26,  · Check out: They give market commentary and often will advise on known stop levels for large players, they also have price levels for Option expiries on the day and they are levels that are heavily defended by large institutional players. You could also subscribe to a 'squawk' service like or How To Trade Key Chart Levels in Forex - Key market levels are the core foundation of all technical analysis and price action trading. By focusing on the raw price dynamics and key levels in a market, we can remove the clutter and confusion that so many trading systems and strategies are full of, and instead trade from a clear and objective mindset.